The Devastating Cross

The Devastating Cross

The Devastating Cross

“However, it is noticed that the development the church gained in the fourth century was deep and fast, until its conversion from a simple democratic religious organization to a hereditary establishment with an intensive bureaucratic administration. But the church has paid a high price for the magnificence it gained, and was able to ignore the indulgence policy and accept the spread of decay bribe, stealing and favoritism in its facilities likewise. Because the great luxury the church gained has caused a wide gap between the church men and the Christian crowd. In other words, the great wealth of the church men caused disappearance of fraternity, simplicity and the equality, and occurred cruelty, superiority and disagreement . . . One of them would set in his Episcopal throne like the Roman governors used to do, and it did not take long, when the state governor’s palace became much smaller compared to the Episcopal castles. While the Episcopal imitated princes surrounded with servants, disciples and employers)

Europeans simply can not be anything except that, materialism is before anything, and with a book ignoring humanity nothing will teach them how to be civilized. Western Europe including Rome went through a series of struggle about every thing, the new religion of four hundred years of age didn’t change them to the best but to the worst. Among that were the struggles with idolatry its believers and commanders that the church saints were getting more powerful and attacked their buildings, schools and temples according to the book of course. The noticeable matter is that they used their buildings and robbed parts and pieces of others to build churches. Christian history doesn’t consider that as a crime they only consider that with one of the semi Muslim leadership behaviors as Islamic crimes against Christianity. “And in AD 529 the Emperor Justinian has dissolved the four great philosophical schools in Athens as idolatry pillars” That’s where the real problem started, that’s where medieval ages began under the name of Jesus as a matter of fact Jesus has nothing to do with all the disasters Christianity has done to the world for two thousand years, but Roman Christian still consider themselves as people and don’t want to admit that they are Satan itself.

With all the previous and the evil wealth that the church men have gained and still enjoy its interests until now, one will find nothing for the people, no education, no healthcare, safety or public interests like mail or book copping for children’s schools, nothing at all. So European Christians gained nothing by becoming Christians, so did the rest of the world that was forced to become Roman Catholic only the misery, which I will discuss later on in another chapters.

Nothing for public education, they only took or robbed some of the Old Roman and Greek knowledge, gave it Christian color and kept it for church only, but they did not care to develop it with time. All what the church cared about was theology and how to make use of the Greek philosophy though they closed their schools. “Prevalence of Christianity between the scholars who are familiar with classical thinking practiced logic philosophical styles and contentious ways conveyed of developing theology studies” “for those scholars started to drew their inquiries about the connection between God and Jesus . . . and about the nature of angels, and the meaning of bread and wine converted to body and blood of Jesus . . . which required theology studies to convince those educated adopters of the new religion . . . those fathers were in knowledge of classical philosophy and new Platonism views in particular that they used in the benefit of absolving their ideas and proving them and develop Christianity in an academic way scholars would accept.” “Because Jesus has established to people a new way of life but he did not attempt to give any organizing theology.”

There was no organized theology, established holy book, defined religious methodology, political method, complete social system not even encouraging education as the main need to humanity that is more important to us Muslims than bread and wine which is the main method of life to Christians. We shouldn’t ignore Jews too, though gold and silver is more important to them than anything one would easily sell his own daughter to treasure up, with sanctions of Torah and Talmud.

• Then why Christianity was spread out so widely and became the most in number as they assume?

Because of the previous reasons, because it is a suitable religion for those who don’t ask a lot and don’t care for facts or want logical reasons for everything. It is a religion made up for a certain level of people with limited point of views, which were the majority at that time and became the majority after a long dirty European history of hard work to destroy Islamic knowledge and civilization. That’s why when Europe neglected Christian thoughts they started to have schools and universities, with of course assuming that they are very smart they made the first universities in the world. Finally after thousands of years they noticed that important method of life but based that too on robberies as usual.

Arian Egyptian logical thoughts were rejected cruelly by the Catholic Church men who can’t dare tell people the troth or what would lead them to it. So they submitted the Trinity thoughts to destroy two civilizations Greek and Old Romans to lead Europe to a long history of darkness that lasted for more than ten centuries for the better nations and up to thirteen centuries for most of Europe. What were they worshiping in them? They were worshiping shadows and legends also at the present time most Christians don’t consider the Bible in their worship rituals but what those old deceivers wrote for them, because this religion taught them from the beginning not to take it from Jesus or what he didn’t actually leave for humanity but from people assuming they are chosen by God. In fact the normal simple Christians don’t consider the Bible or even read it wisely, for if they do they will find that Jesus for instance orders people to bow in worship as Muslims do. But since popes said they don’t have to, then all Christians don’t, even if it exists clearly in the New Testament, mostly because they are all convinced that the book is corrupted, so they have just to trust the church men though they proved for two thousand years that they are more corrupted than the book.

What a religion, what a logical content, of course ignorant people like me aren’t able to understand all this complications. It is a fact that all Christians don’t rely on the Bible in worshiping, for this religion with all its creeds were taught from the beginning to take its regulations from people not from God, for God has left before making sure that he has given them all their godly laws. So they have only one choice, to take their laws from man and not from the God who made the man, nor from the book which is the word of God. Therefore all Christians are following the philosophy man analyzed. The religion is in man’s understanding which can be right or wrong, which can be suitable for a specific time and not for past, present and future. They are following analysis of the book but not the book itself. But that shouldn’t be a problem; Christians are capable to accept deceptions. They accepted that every now and then a deceiver would appear and give them all kinds of lies, and they will take it with full conviction.

Then some of them realize that it was all lies and start to convince the others, but more than half prefer to stick with the first lie for they can’t be sure that this other one is not a liar too. Christianity has a long history of accepting deceivers which were chosen by God and use all kinds of deception, cheating, magical tricks and all different kinds of lies with unusual tales to impress them like seeing God or meeting Mary Magdalene in the backyard. Since the first deceiver St. Paul Christians are willing to believe any lie as if he had poisoned all of them to remain blind for ever. Anyone can easily find out that Christians have ignored all Jesus’s actions and words and followed St. Paul’s and changed the word Teacher to God to convince people that they don’t have to do like Jesus he is a God, only do what a normal man can do.

“My choice of Mohammed to lead the world’s most influential persons may surprise some readers and may be questioned by others, but he was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both the religious and secular levels. Of humble origins, Mohammed founded and promulgated one of the world’s great religions and became an immensely effective political leader. Today, thirteen centuries after his death, his influence is still powerful and pervasive.”

• Isn’t Mohammed magnificent?

He is that illiterate Prophet, orphan, history creator world peace ideology developer, the man that terrifies the Vatican that after 1,400 years they still can’t stop lying about him, the man that proves to the world until tomorrow that this institution of evil was coward and still is coward, and they can’t dare tell the troth about him. Tell the troth or keep being cowards he will remain the best soul who ever walked on earth; he does not need castrates who can’t prove that they are men nor women to be honest about him. This is one difference between Islam and the illusions Paul made up, a religion that put to people all kinds of laws for every small detail, that following the book and the words of the main person of it is enough and a religion that can’t even approve one Bible to save some decency.

It is enough proof to the world that this is their technique even without knowing the filthy history of the Catholic Church, and any stupid who chooses to follow it. It is enough proof even without realizing what is the mess Catholic men have done to Christianity. The institution of evil solves its problems and fights its enemies by stabbing their backs, there has been not one man of them all through history capable of facing his enemy man to man, knight to knight. They should put a hyena as a symbol not a cross it is more suitable. It has always been like that any person that points a danger, they simply get a writer to destroy his or her reputation, and Mary Magdalene is a great example.

Let’s continue the rest is worst. The Western Roman Empire weakened and couldn’t determined its power on the church and all its nations, the episcopate was in charge as I perceived, and they called it holy. Other elements supported that collapse of the Western Roman Empire which is almost all of Europe among those elements was the attacks of the Goths and other Germanic barbarian tribes, mostly relatives of Rat-zinger. The Empire in its new method was so weak and depending on no strategy of war which Christianity had the way to destroy but didn’t give any substitutes. Therefore it couldn’t prevent the Goths coming to the borders plus the decay Christianity was causing the inside. All that plus the great collapse of economy Christian smart saints led the great two empires to, something history recorded for them in every nation they colonized. They didn’t have any religious political skills, military skill, economic skills they didn’t even have worshiping skills and they had to make up all that depending on the horror of the Old Testament. They kept the priority of food and good looks of the saints and all other holy persons no matter what the whole nation and the people were suffering of.

As a matter of fact, all Western literature resources indicate that Europe which had a good level of poetry and drama disintegrated to the lowest among the world and kept that way for more than thirteen centuries while arts was luckier it collapsed for ten centuries only, because religious men were interested in art to decorate their churches, but art never grows in poor societies. The history of Western literature also assures that the church activated that collapse by suppressing different literature works like translocation; they executed many translators to prevent other culture’s knowledge to spread out in Europe, which was one of their coward ways to face the world civilizations. Anyone can do a little research about Europe for thirteen centuries since Christianity occurred there and he will only come up with priests’ names. Therefore the west calls that long period of time Midlives, and of course they name it according to their collapse which draws a clear proof of their selfishness and cowardice, for that long period of time was the brightest period of their main enemy “Islam”. Never the less that long period of European history records nothing but annihilations, ill manners, thirst for each other’s blood, bitterness of other nations’ success plus madness and other diseases that killed millions which ill Christian policy didn’t kill. “Most Westerners have been thought that the greatness of the West has its intellectual roots in Greece and Rome, and that after the thousand-year—sleep of the Dark Ages, Europe miraculously reawakened to its Greco—Roman roots. In the conventional telling, this rediscovery of classical Greece—combined with the moral underpinning of Judeo-Christian faith—led to the Renaissance and Enlightenment, and the scientific and industrial revolu-tions. The intellectual contributions of Arabs, Persians, Indians, Chinese, Africans, and others in the Muslim world are relegated to mere footnotes.”

That’s what the holy Christian government gave to a wide area of the world they had control on, while the holy Islamic government gave peace, justice, great range of education, peculiar military forces, settled economy, and stable political foreign relations. All that including equality with all different religions, giving the non-Muslims the opportunity to pay less than quarter of what they used to pay to the Romans upon their unfair leading, and not for nothing but for not associating in military forces, and for the highest ranks of safety no one before or after the Muslims ever gave that huge area of the world.

• So what did Christianity which is based on reason and logical content give to all Europe? Even that eastern part that we might assume it escaped?

• What did Christianity do to Europe, and why since they realized their holy history was filthy and could not give them any happiness do they support Christianization?

• Is it because they are sure that this is the only active way to destroy others and rob their properties?

• Can’t Europeans and their breed in America have the least of human manners?

• What have Christianity done to Europe?

• Spread a religion?

It destroyed two civilizations and I believe that the religion incapable of spreading civilization and good manners is rotten and useless which is not in the benefit of man to keep, no matter that Christians keep trying to convince us that it isn’t. It started with crimes and kept that for long centuries they want to convince the world now that it is civilized or polite?

Well, I believe in results, the results were awful, the results tell that Christianity was an unprecedented bad luck not for Europe only but for every nation it reached. Therefore at the time all historical resources even those who ask how like idiots tell that Islam invented and brought civilization to every nation it reached, the same resources prove in different ways that Christianity did the opposite. This takes us to the conclusion that:

Mohammed had invented a civilization out of nothing and Christianity destroyed civilizations that were obtainable.

“If Christianity has remained the way it was at the start, it wouldn’t have succeeded in invading the Western world any luckier than the Egyptian Isis, the great mother Phrygian Siby, the Syrian Adonis or the Persian Mitra”

• Let me ask the reader who likes to think, do you know the great Egyptian history?

You heard about the pyramids, sphinx, great buildings and castles the, the great knowledge of that huge civilization which Europe and their breed will need one more thousand years to reach some of that. Only review history and see what the Roman holy or not holy have done to that great civilization read what happened in Egypt during the first seven hundred years before Islam built Al-Fustat city which is called today Cairo

• Who destroyed the world’s greatest civilization?

But don’t stop there search for one of the greatest houses of knowledge of the old history which is called the library of Alexandria, and see who destroyed that three times all before Islam to wipe off any reality about Jesus that very few Orthodox still have there. Just look up what the Roman Christians have done to Egypt alone, to the library, to the Pharaohs civilization, to the people and to the land. You will find that Roman holies didn’t destroy only the Old Roman and the Greek civilizations, but their filthy hands had reached outside Europe to destroy any knowledge and culture. When you finish with that don’t stop at the great Islamic history there and how they gave back the Egyptians their dignity like they did with Iraq and Syria keep searching until you find out about other Romans, the Byzantines of the East Roman Empire who pretended that they are Muslims. That was the only way they can destroy Islam from the inside, by bringing all the illusions of Christianity, all the garbage about women, slaves, slaving all farmers and all what I discussed before.

• Please don’t tell me that Europe hated the Ottomans didn’t Europeans have a long dirty history of hatred of each other for 2,500 years or more?…47/excerpt.htm…p?bookid=46547


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